Land for Sale: Asheville, North Carolina

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Forbes names Asheville in the Top 15 Destinations for 2018

 The 15 Coolest Places to Go in 2018


Photo Courtesy of Explore Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina

“It’s no secret that America’s southern cities are having a moment,” says Indagare’s Biggs Bradley. “Asheville has a character that is at once hipster and classic Americana.” Cradled by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city is home to gorgeous scenery (including a lovely botanical garden), historic mansions (the 19th-century Biltmore Estate is the largest private home in the world) and a remarkable arts scene. “Don’t miss Woolworth Walk to shop the works of dozens of local artisans and stop for a milkshake at the preserved luncheonette counter. But Asheville isn’t limited to classic cuisine; hungry travelers can enjoy everything from tapas to innovative cocktails to Asian street food.”

For more information about Property in the Asheville, NC area contact Jason Cahill at 828-507-0466 or

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What’s new at Ciel!

At Ciel, we are always happy to provide you with new information on what’s going on around and on top of Elk Mountain.  In the past few months Lots 5 and 7 were sold to happy new owners who have begun clearing the brush on these great pieces of land that overlook the city of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, including Mount Pisgah.

We’ve also had a major visit from the Department of Transportation and they have been kind enough to repave all of Elk Mountain Scenic Highway,  paint all new traffic lines and have also installed guard rails on all turns leading up to Ciel where our residents Feel the Earth and Touch the Sky everyday.

The weather in Asheville has also provided us with a huge amount of snowfall and this has been both fun and beautiful.  Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is cleared every six hours during a storm and the road is maintained very well, allowing residents and folks just looking at the views to enjoy safe travel!

We look forward to seeing you up on the mountain and are always happy to meet with clients looking for land to build or new homes with views.

Contact Jason Cahill at 828 507 0466 or   for more information.



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Fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Photo by Country Living Magazine

The mornings are getting colder and the afternoons are getting cooler here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Asheville.  We are a very lucky part of the country during this time of year.  Not only do we get to experience the cooler temperatures, but also the fall foliage flourishes throughout western North Carolina.

It’s during this time where many visitors from across the state, country, and world come to visit the beautiful mountains that we call home.  Many visitors also come at this time of year to look for second homes or seek to move to the area. Below are links to some of the best Fall drives and tips on what to do in the area whilst you are visiting.





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Modern for Sale in Asheville, NC

Pano Ext

Above:  565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway

Asheville, North Carolina has become a hot spot for second homes and destination properties internationally.  The success of the area is highly linked back to it’s geographic location and the fact that Asheville lies within the Blue Ridge Mountains, some of the most beautiful mountains on the planet.  The mild climate and calm weather also keep people returning to this part of the country.  Asheville has adopted many great eateries and restaurants, offers a multitude of outdoor recreation, and in general is a very welcoming place for people from all cultures.

Modern Architecture is a rarity in and around Asheville.  Persons seeking mid-century modern, contemporary, or “mountain modern” have a lot to choose from in the housing market, but when you get to pure Modernism, the search becomes quite scarce.

Recently developers and builders have started to offer pure Modern to their clienteles.  nancy contemportary house

Above:  Misty Parkway Modern Home

Great Examples of Modern Architecture can be found at 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway and currently at Misty Parkway in the Cliffs.  David Zimmerman, developer of The Prive at 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway built an homage to modern there and the home currently seeks dwellers that will appreciate it’s gallery like qualities and expansive views of Asheville and the Pisgah National Forest.  Thompson Builders has just completed it’s newest contribution to Modern at 45 Misty Parkway in the Cliffs at Walnut Cove.  The home at 45 Misty Parkway offers another good example of where the town is headed in terms of forging new paths to architecture greatness!


565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is currently available for Sale and can be shown by appointment only.

45 Misty Parkway is also available for Sale and can be shown by appointment only.


We look forward to helping you find your Modern Home in Asheville.

Ciel Properties offers land and homes for sale on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.

Contact us today:

Jason Cahill



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Happenings at Ciel: 5.7.2017

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Tired of the HEAT in Florida?

There is an easy solution to your troubles with the HEAT in Florida and that answer is:  Summer at your second home in Asheville, NC.  During the 70s, 80s, and 90s, South Florida became the go to spot for northerners trying to escape the cold of their native north eastern towns and cities.  South Florida became quickly over populated and the once remote towns and beaches known for relaxation and warmer temperatures became home to packed grocery stores, pools, and beaches became the norm.  Those same folks that moved to Florida for an escape are now reconsidering their choice, especially when it comes to the hottest months of the year.  If the rest of the country has become HOT, Florida has become an OVEN.  Many of the sun worshippers of Florida have decided that Asheville, NC offers a complete respite to not only the heat, but the overcrowding, and the haute-gauche that dominates Southern Florida.


Asheville, North Carolina is a hidden gem in the the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Downtown Asheville is the home to several world recognized restaurants such as Night Bell, Cúrate, Posana, and the list goes on.  If Asheville is a gem, then Downtown Asheville is a Diamond, especially in the world of architecture with it’s expansive preservation of Art Deco throughout the city.  Theatre, Museums, and Cultural Events are ever present and constantly changing.  The River Arts District offers warehouse conversions into artist and craft studios creating a new part of the city that creates more energy.

If you are thinking of moving to Asheville or have questions about living in The Blue Ridge Mountains.  We at Ciel are happy to help you!  We offer luxury homes and land for sale on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.  Jason Cahill is happy to help you find your second home or your new permanent residence in Asheville.

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Top 5 Brunch Places in Asheville, NC

Jason’s Top 5 List of the best places for Brunch on Easter Weekend 2017!

  1.  Rezaz: Easter brunch. Two courses for $19, three courses for $25. Call for a reservation at 277-1510. 28 Hendersonville Road.
  2. Strada Italiano: Have Easter brunch on the rooftop! Call for a reservation: 348-8448, 27 Broadway St.
  3. Table: Easter Brunch Specials Available.  Call for reservations: 254-8980, 48 College St.
  4. The Junction: Southern Brunch for Easter! Reservations Needed: 225-3497, 348 Depot St.
  5. Ruth’s Chris Steak House: Price Fixed menu with shrimp and grits. 26 All Souls Crescent, 398-6200.Jason Cahill: 336.543.7339:


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Buying Views in Asheville, NC

Chances are if you are buying land to build on or a home in Asheville, NC you are probably very interested in making sure that your view is protected to not change dramatically over the next few decades?

Land and Homes for sale in Asheville, NC are valued based on many factors including location, proximity to the city centre, topography, style, feel, character and more. However, the most important factor

when considering your purchase is to take into account your views. Are your views going to be obstructed in the next few years? Is the land actually protected that you’re future home is going to view?

As you can imagine, these are great questions when thinking of buying real estate in Asheville or any mountain area.

Ciel, a mountain top community in North Asheville offers views of the downtown area and the whole stretch of Pisgah National Forest, as well as, Mt. Pisgah itself. If you are a buyer looking to build or find your new home with a view in Asheville. We look forward to speaking with you. Remember. Your view is your property’s best aspect!

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Luxury Homes for Sale in Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina is known for it’s natural beauty.  It’s one of those rare states that allows it’s residents and visitors to enjoy both the beach and the mountains at the same time. The golf courses, beaches, majestic mountains, and other natural treasures are arguably some of the most beautiful places in the country.  No matter what section of the state you go to, you are bound to find beautiful landscapes and gorgeous homes.  Asheville, North Carolina surely rates in the top three of locations in the state where one can find exclusive residential properties that surpass the beauty of many residences found in places like Los Angeles or New York.

The Biltmore Estate is a historical example of one of the original homes in the area that was built with complete luxury and beauty in mind.

Some history of about the Biltmore Estate is easily found on wikipedia here and excerpt can be found below:

“In the 1880s, at the height of the Gilded Age, George Washington Vanderbilt, youngest son of William Henry Vanderbilt, began to make regular visits with his mother, Maria Louisa Kissam Vanderbilt (1821–1896), to the Asheville, North Carolina, area. He loved the scenery and climate so much that he decided to create his own summer estate in the area, which he called his “little mountain escape”, just as his older brothers and sisters had built opulent summer houses in places such as Newport, Rhode Island, and Hyde Park, New York. Vanderbilt named his estate Biltmore derived from “Bildt,” Vanderbilt’s ancestors’ place of origin in Holland, and “More”, Anglo-Saxon for open, rolling land.[13]


The Biltmore Estate (c. 1900)

Construction of the house began in 1889 and continued well into 1896. In order to facilitate such a large project, a woodworking factory and brick kiln, which produced 32,000 bricks a day, were built onsite, and a three-mile railroad spur was constructed to bring materials to the building site. Construction on the main house required the labor of well over 1,000 workers and 60 stonemasons.[14] Vanderbilt went on extensive buying-trips overseas as construction on the house was in progress. He returned to North Carolina with thousands of furnishings for his newly built home including tapestries, hundreds of carpets, prints, linens, and decorative objects, all dating between the 15th century and the late 19th century. Among the few American-made items were the more practical oak drop-front desk, rocking chairs, a walnut grand piano, bronze candlesticksand a wicker wastebasket.[15]

BiltmoreHouseAerial_0George Vanderbilt opened his opulent estate on Christmas Eve 1895 to invited family and friends from across the country, who were encouraged to enjoy leisure and country pursuits. Notable guests to the estate over the years included author Edith Wharton, novelist Henry James, ambassadors Joseph Hodges Choate and Larz Anderson, and Presidents William McKinley,Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. George married Edith Stuyvesant Dresser in 1898 in Paris, France; their only child, Cornelia Stuyvesant Vanderbilt, was born at Biltmore in the Louis XV room in 1900, and grew up at the estate.

Driven by the impact of the newly imposed income taxes, and the fact that the estate was getting harder to manage economically, Vanderbilt initiated the sale of 87,000acres (352 km²) to the federal government. After Vanderbilt’s unexpected death in 1914 of complications from an emergency appendectomy, his widow completed the sale to carry out her husband’s wish that the land remain unaltered, and that property became the nucleus of the Pisgah National Forest.[14] Overwhelmed with running such a large estate, Edith began consolidating her interests and sold Biltmore Estate Industries in 1917 and Biltmore Village in 1921. Edith intermittently occupied the house, living in an apartment carved out of the former Bachelors’ Wing, until the marriage of her daughter to John Francis Amherst Cecil in April 1924. The Cecils went on to have two sons who were born in the same room as their mother.

In an attempt to bolster the estate’s financial situation during the Great Depression, Cornelia and her husband opened Biltmore to the public in March 1930 at the request of the City of Asheville, who hoped the attraction would revitalize the area with tourism.[16] Biltmore closed during World War II and in 1942, 62 paintings and 17 sculptures were moved to the estate by train from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. to protect them in the event of an attack on the United States. The music room was not ready, so it was used for storage until 1944, when the possibility of an attack became more remote. Among the works stored were the Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington and works by Rembrandt, Raphael, and Anthony van Dyck. David Finley, the gallery director, was a friend of Edith Vanderbilt and had stayed at the estate.[17]

With the failure of the marriage of the Cecils, Cornelia left the estate never to return; however, John Cecil maintained his residence in the Bachelors’ Wing until his death in 1954. Their eldest son George Henry Vanderbilt Cecil, occupied rooms in the wing until 1956. At this point Biltmore House ceased to be a family residence and has continued to be operated as a historic house museum, with increasing portions of the house opened to viewing.”

Vanderbilt set a pretty impressive benchmark for homes to come in Asheville, North Carolina.  Throughout the growth of Asheville we have seen residential housing innovate and develop in line with design and new building techniques.  The area is filled with unique architecture and people.

Recently the most expensive home in North Carolina was noted as being located and on the market in Asheville.

Click here or on the photo below to go to an article of this beautiful French Chateau.


Ciĕl offers 22 estate size homesites for sale with beautiful views of Asheville, North Carolina and The Blue Ridge Mountains.  Ciĕl began with a desire to create an environment that balances the majesty of the North Carolina mountains with custom built and crafted luxury homes on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.  This desire has been cultivated into a mountaintop neighborhood that holds the integrity of the landscape in full regard. 

Ciĕl is committed to environmentally conscious development within and beyond the standards of NC Green Built Homes.  All aspects of the neighborhood are carefully planned to create a neighborhood that welcomes it’s residents and friends while providing healthier homes without sacrificing luxury and privacy. 

ciel.bedroomThree homes were built to begin the neighborhood, as well as, a beautiful community garden with a meditation pavilion, fireplace, and grill area.  Two of the homes in the neighborhood have recently been sold and The Privé located at 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is currently for sale.  22 Homesites are for sale with the opportunity to develop with Ciĕl’s team of expert builders or bought to build with your own team while staying within the guidelines of the Ciĕl building codes.  Homesites and land range in size from 2.7acres up to a combination of plots up to 15 acres.  Ciĕl offers an exclusive location just above Asheville, North Carolina with easy access to the downtown area.

We welcome you to contact us for further information regarding Ciĕl and our commitment to homes and homesites for sale that retain the integrity of the land and address the environmental concerns of today’s world. 

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Land for Sale: Asheville, North Carolina

Are you looking for a perfect place to build your future home or second home in Asheville, North Carolina?  Land is scarce in Asheville, North Carolina.  During the past 10 years there has been a boom in development for commercial and residential properties alike. This has led to the shortage of good land in the area.


The shortage of land is not necessarily a bad thing.  It means that some land has been protected by the city and county officials, some has been purchased to build needed commercial spaces, and other land has been purchased to build homes on by like minded people such as yourself looking to move to the mountains and amongst the great people of Asheville.


At Ciĕl, we offer 22 more home sites ranging from 3 to 7 acres on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway just minutes from Downtown Asheville.  The sites offer incredible views of the City of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We are a developer that believes in the integrity of the land and take pride in every decision we make in regards to it and the community we are building on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.

The land for sale on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is only to be used for residential living. We are committed to building homes for our clients that reflect the beauty of the mountains and use local craftsmen to supply us with the best quality finishes in the world. We are able to develop the land for sale with you or allow you to choose your own building firm and architect.  Guidelines have been set up to insure that all homes built at Ciĕl whether by AIBL Invest LLC or an outside builder are built in an environmental and aesthetic way that maintains the beauty and feel of the mountain.

Land for sale on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway at Ciĕl includes these beautiful homesites at the links below:

Call us today at 336 543 7339 to discuss the possibilities and schedule an appointment!


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