The Prive, 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway

Luxury Homes and Land for Sale in Asheville, North Carolina

Ciĕl offers 22 estate size homesites for sale with beautiful views of Asheville, North Carolina and The Blue Ridge Mountains.  Ciĕl began with a desire to create an environment that balances the majesty of the North Carolina mountains with custom built and crafted luxury homes on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.  This desire has been cultivated into a mountaintop neighborhood that holds the integrity of the landscape in full regard. 

Ciĕl is committed to environmentally conscious development within and beyond the standards of NC Green Built Homes.  All aspects of the neighborhood are carefully planned to create a neighborhood that welcomes it’s residents and friends while providing healthier homes without sacrificing luxury and privacy. 

Three homes were built to begin the neighborhood, as well as, a beautiful community garden with a meditation pavilion, fireplace, and grill area.  Two of the homes in the neighborhood have recently been sold and The Privé located at 565 Elk Mountain Scenic Highway is currently for sale.  22 Homesites are for sale with the opportunity to develop with Ciĕl’s team of expert builders or bought to build with your own team while staying within the guidelines of the Ciĕl building codes.  Homesites and land range in size from 2.7acres up to a combination of plots up to 15 acres.  Ciĕl offers an exclusive location just above Asheville, North Carolina with easy access to the downtown area.

We welcome you to contact us for further information regarding Ciĕl and our commitment to homes and homesites for sale that retain the integrity of the land and address the environmental concerns of today’s world. 

Video:  Luxury Modern Home in Asheville, NC for sale