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Economic Flight to Safety, What BREXIT means for the UK or EU Investor?

Recently we all witnessed the decision of the United Kingdom’s people to incite an exit from the European Union.  The “BREXIT,” as it has become known, is a quite historical moment for the EU, Great Britain, and the World.  The decision has impacted financial markets across the globe and has also opened the door for […]

The George Matsumoto Prize 2016

Recently, the home I conduct business in on most days was nominated for The George Matsumoto Prize.  George Matsumoto created many award winning designs throughout his architectural career and now NC Modernist Homes has an annual contest named in his honor to celebrate Modern Home Design!  George’s designs are immediately identifiable at first glance and cease […]

Asheville Restaurant Review ONE: HOMEGROWN

Today I decided to visit a restaurant for lunch in Asheville, NC located at 371 Merrimon Avenue called HOMEGROWN.  I met a friend there who was visiting from Raleigh for lunch and we thought we would give it a try.  We arrived at 11:45am which I usually think is early for lunch, but we found […]

Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center

Wow!  Having moved to North Carolina as a child from New York and basically only accepting my Southerness in my early 40s,  I have to say that my move to Asheville has made me even more proud to have been raised mostly in the South. Last Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of an invite […]

The High, Atlanta GA

The High Museum of Art presents itself as not only an architectural gem in downtown Atlanta, but also as a world renowned art museum.  It doesn’t disappoint as it offers such a diverse permanent collection and continues to bring in temporary and touring collections on a regular basis. The Rise of Sneaker Culture is currently on exhibit […]