A Natural Extension

At Ciĕl, we designed our amenities to be a natural extension of the existing landscape. Nature is the ultimate amenity; everything we’ve added is done so to help residents connect with the environment.

The centerpiece is an open-air pavilion measuring almost 30 by 40 feet. With an eight-foot overhang, the pavilion will become a focal point for seasonal events, family gatherings and impromptu get-togethers.

It is also an understated architectural wonder that eloquently expresses both the attention to detail and commitment to natural beauty that are the hallmark of the community.

Around the pavilion is an active organic garden for colorful home-grown flowers and tasty vegetables, a fire pit perfect for warming up on a cool fall evening, and a playground that seems to have sprung from the boulders and logs themselves – just the thing to spark the imaginations of budding naturalists.

From here, and running throughout the 117-acre property, a network of private trails offers access to scenic views, picnic nooks, and secluded spots ideal for yoga, meditation or quiet contemplation.