Homes for Sale in Asheville, NC

Luxury Homes for Sale in Asheville NC

bower-house-asheville-architecture-photography-zairekacz-12-1Are you searching for homes for sale in Asheville, NC? Are you hoping to find the perfect, luxury home design that suits all of your needs situated in the perfect, luxury location? Then it is time for you to explore CIEL. People have been drawn to the Blue Ridge Mountains for thousands of years, from all walks of life and all corners of the country.  Time spent in the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina was thought to bring healing and inspiration. Artists working with every medium can be found in Asheville. It is a city known for creative potency and diversity. Living near downtown Asheville means you will have equal access to culture and entertainment that is equal to many larger metropolitan cities and the beauty of natural world. CIEL was created to be a balanced, environmentally-friendly community built for maximum luxury with a commitment to the highest level of responsible development.

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How We Craft CIEL Homes for Sale in Asheville NC

Bower-House-Asheville-Living Room-EveningHave you imagined what your dream home would look like? It is a vision many people hold dear and when it comes time to make that vision a reality you need to work with real estate and construction professionals you can trust. CIEL has developed a home building process that is exciting, empowering, and educational. First CIEL organizes your team ad everyone from the landscapers to the carpenters, to the roofers work together to craft a plan. All homes meet green building standards and every home is a certified NC Green Built Home. At CIEL we believe home construction is an art form and the importance of craftsmanship. Our goal is to help you create a masterpiece in a setting you are sure to love! Feel the Earth. Touch the Sky.

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 Features of CIEL’s Green Homes for Sale in Asheville NC

CIEL is known for its commitment to green and eco-friendly practices and to preserving nature. In order to stay true to this commitment there are a wide variety of policies in place to ensure that homes for sale on the CIEL property are both visually beautiful and functionally efficient. The goal is for each CIEL home to conserve energy and provide a healthier living environment for people and pets. Special green features include:

  • A roof of handcrafted terra cotta tiles that last 75 + years and reduce landfill waste.
  • The timbers used for the structure are certified “standing dead” trees, which reduces the number of live trees used in the construction.
  • Reclaimed hardwood floors salvaged from nearby states are throughout the homes.
  • American Clay Earth Plasters cover a large percentage of walls in the homes. The Earth Plasters are mold-resistant, fade-resistant, non-dusting, and moisture-controlled.
  • Doors inside the homes are made from FSC-certified trees grown in a managed forest.
  • Homes use a tankless water heater system to reduce energy and water consumption.

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Come to CIEL! See the most Unforgettable Homes for Sale in Asheville NC.

There are many ways to explore the CIEL community both online and offline. First be sure to peruse our website. Discover more than just a list of homes for sale in Asheville, NC, find out why this region has provoked so much passion throughout history and why living in the CIEL community is so special. Second, take a trip to Asheville and get to know the city. Find out about all the amazing nearby towns and attractions that make all of Western North Carolina one of the most beloved places to visit in the United States. Visit this region and you will know right away if it feels like home. Third, contact us and plan a mountain retreat to come and stay on the CIEL property. Let us show you what it’s like to live in the heart of one of the most beautiful places Earth. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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