Asheville History: Asheville High School

Asheville History: Asheville High School


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In our Asheville History section we will bring you quick facts about certain areas of town, unique buildings, and other great historical information about our area.  Asheville, North Carolina has a rich history that relates to all aspects of life including art, architecture, culture, and more.



Asheville High School is located at 419 McDowell Street.  The building opened it’s doors on February 5, 1929 at a total cost of $1,362,601 and is built in the Italian Renaissance and Art Deco style.  Constructed by Palmer-Spivey Construction Co. of Charlotte, NC and designed by Douglas D. Ellington with pink granite, the building quickly became inhabited by students and teachers alike.  The structure is quite impressive even today and lends itself to the environment in which it was built.

Today the school still functions and is a great example of what the public school system can offer our future leaders! For more information about the school please click on their website at Asheville High School.

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