There is an easy solution to your troubles with the HEAT in Florida and that answer is:  Summer at your second home in Asheville, NC.  During the 70s, 80s, and 90s, South Florida became the go to spot for northerners trying to escape the cold of their native north eastern towns and cities.  South Florida became quickly over populated and the once remote towns and beaches known for relaxation and warmer temperatures became home to packed grocery stores, pools, and beaches became the norm.  Those same folks that moved to Florida for an escape are now reconsidering their choice, especially when it comes to the hottest months of the year.  If the rest of the country has become HOT, Florida has become an OVEN.  Many of the sun worshippers of Florida have decided that Asheville, NC offers a complete respite to not only the heat, but the overcrowding, and the haute-gauche that dominates Southern Florida.


Asheville, North Carolina is a hidden gem in the the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Downtown Asheville is the home to several world recognized restaurants such as Night Bell, Cúrate, Posana, and the list goes on.  If Asheville is a gem, then Downtown Asheville is a Diamond, especially in the world of architecture with it’s expansive preservation of Art Deco throughout the city.  Theatre, Museums, and Cultural Events are ever present and constantly changing.  The River Arts District offers warehouse conversions into artist and craft studios creating a new part of the city that creates more energy.

If you are thinking of moving to Asheville or have questions about living in The Blue Ridge Mountains.  We at Ciel are happy to help you!  We offer luxury homes and land for sale on Elk Mountain Scenic Highway.  Jason Cahill is happy to help you find your second home or your new permanent residence in Asheville.